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Rumah Hujan, which means “The House of Rain” in Bahasa Indonesia, is an example of modern, understated architecture at its best. Flat and integrated into the land, Rumah Hujan is a luxurious 3-bedroom bungalow that boasts unobstructed views of the picturesque jungle and river below. They approached HBLC to build their online presence and use social media as a marketing funnel to get more bookings.

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One year after creating the real estate video to promote the villa, Rumah Hujan contacted HBLC to help them elaborate a winning social media strategy to increase their visibility and drive more traffic to their Airbnb page to secure more bookings. 


After optimising their accounts, we used a paid ads strategy to efficiently reach out to their prospects. The daily engagement on targeted accounts helped them develop a community and gain the interest of new users who discovered the villa.


At the end of our 6-month strategy, their community increased by 231% with an average of one thousand monthly website clicks. Ultimately this resulted in more bookings even during the low season, ensuring constant traffic for the villa.

When improving the visibility and notoriety of the account, the villa got featured in several magazines such as CN Traveller, which gave extra exposure to Rumah Hujan, in front of the right audience.

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