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Keep your brand relevant!

Every year there are recurrent events happening and as a business owner, you should find a way to adapt your brand to these in order to engage with your community and build a trustworthy relationship. Don’t do something too predictable but try to blend the identity of your brand to the seasonal event. This way, you will be in the flow and make your brand stand out with original creative content. Always try to post “sharable” content to incite people to spread it around their own community.


A seasonal trend is a recurrent topic that you can predict like Halloween, Easter, Christmas, school holidays, national day, valentine’s day… Well, you get me! These events are coming back every year and this is an opportunity for you to create original content and position your brand to align with the ongoing event. Your audience is surrounded by the event, by linking your business to it, you give yourself a chance that your prospect associates your brand with the event.


This really depends on your business industry. Let’s take the example of Halloween as this is the last international event that inspires me to write this article. If you are a fashion brand you can organise a giveaway through your social media and adapt this to Halloween: ask your office team to dress up for Halloween, take a picture with all the members whom one looking dead. Then, ask your community to find who killed this member, give them some hints and the first one to find win the giveaway’s product. This is an easy way to create engagement around an actual topic. For a restaurant, you can organise a special event at your place with an original menu or a Halloween cocktail. If you are an influencer or blogger take advantage of Halloween by creating a list of the best Halloween makeups if you are into beauty, or by showcasing the best Halloween costumes if you are into fashion, by sharing your best Halloween photos if you are into photography. If you are selling a product you can create a limited edition with unique packaging as you know, this is an event where people are eager to buy accessories to wear with their costumes or to buy products to decorate their houses.

There are many ways to create engaging content. Also, it will be easier to get interactions as most people are celebrating it, even if they aren’t, they are surrounded by decorations and information about it, so stand out by offering something different which will allow you to increase your notoriety and so your visibility.


You don’t necessarily have to create content related to the seasonal trend but this is definitely something that will help you increase your online visibility. You have to ask yourself who are you talking to when posting on social media and what is the interest of your audience? What will retain their attention? If additionally, you are producing something entertaining and valuable that your community will be willing to share, it will give you another reason to adapt your business to this trend as it will allow you to drive more traffic and so more sales.

Social media is an efficient way to attract prospects and convert them into clients. With the right digital strategy, you can directly target your prospects and drive sales. Moreover, as you know the upcoming events you can prepare this content in advance and save yourself some time. If you don’t know how your brand could adapt to the next trend coming, feel free to contact our team through the contact form on the home page and we will be happy to help you find how to make your business stand out.

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