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Instagram Reels for business

Take Tiktok, mix it with Instagram and you will end up with the new Instagram interface, introducing a Reel tab as the centre button of the app to encourage users to consume and create this new popular video content.

What is a Reel?

A Reel is a short-format video between 1 to 60 seconds (most of you still have 30scd as the maximum length, soon the 60scd feature will be extended to all accounts).

On the same principle as TikTok, Instagram Reel will introduce trendy music with a common theme, that you can reproduce with your own twist. (add example).

If you still don’t have the music feature, this trick will help you get it.

When creating a Reel, make sure that it’s either entertaining or educational, but overall that it is relatable to your niche and account. If you decide to jump on a trend always give the right twist to it so it connects with your account, this way your audience can identify themselves to your content and keep engaging with it.

Now the real question is coming: what are the benefits for your business to create reels?

As Instagram is trying to compete with TikTok and they observe that this short video format make people stay longer on the platform, therefore they are pushing reels content organically through users’ home feed.

Meaning that Reels are now THE best way for you to grow on Instagram as your content is more likely to reach a wider audience. If you create the right type of reels, this means an extra opportunity to generate new leads via Instagram.

As an example with @HBLCmarketning, we are posting reels on a regular basis which are getting more views than our total numbers of followers which give our account and therefore business extra exposure.

Contrary to your typical feed posts, a reel doesn’t need to be extremely curated, it’s more of a spontaneous type of content, meaning that you do not need hours of production to come up with one Reel that can perform on the platform. It has to be a bit more organised than your usual behind the scene stories, as you will need to structure it to make it entertaining or educational but it can be less formal than what you post on your feed.

I know what you might think “really? Another type of content to add to my list of production for my social media schedule? NO WAY”

And believe me, I get you! The best tips I can give you to not burn out trying to brainstorm new content ideas is to REPURPOSE! You do not have to come up with brand new concepts, you can simply use a long-format piece of content you previously published and use the main idea of this content or a part of it to create your reel.

Ready to shine and stand out on the platform? Follow us for more social media tips and let’s connect on Instagram!

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