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How to network and promote your business using Social Media

Social media has proved itself and is now an integral component of any digital strategy. Those free platforms are the cheapest and most efficient way for any type of business to market their products and services, the first reason being that using any social media is free!

Now the question is, which platform or tools shall you select to promote your offer and network?

In this blog post, we will put share with you the most efficient way to do so in 2021!

Facebook Groups

One of our favourite ways to connect with our ideal audience is via Facebook Group. Join any groups within your industry to start networking with knowledgeable people. Interact with them by commenting on their posts, helping them when possible so they can notice your account and business. Whenever you are posting an update, a new blog post or anything that might help the Facebook community, don’t hesitate to share it with them as it will also help you increase your traffic. Whenever you feel it’s the right time, you can introduce your business and eventual current offers without feeling like a salesman, you want to keep the discussion casual.

Webinars and Online Events

Nothing better to build your network and promote your products or service than organising or participating in a webinar. If you are the one organising it, promote it on social media groups, community pages on Instagram and anywhere that can bring you extra exposure. If you don’t feel ready to host and organise your own webinar, consider being a guest in someone else’s online event. This will expose you to new audiences and help bring up your notoriety and build your authority on the platform.

Linkedin Groups

LinkedIn is THE social media platform when it comes to building professional relationships. If your business is targeting B2B, I would definitely recommend you to look out for groups within your industry that reunite other professionals doing the same as you but also groups reuniting your ideal customers.


This new platform aroused the curiosity of many users with its invitation-only chat app. If you successfully get an invite, make the most out of it by participating in genuine conversations and hosting your own! You can also join clubs that will help you network and connect with professionals in your industry. With 10 million weekly active users, this new platform is a great opportunity to expand the visibility of your business and reach new leads, no matter your niche. This is a new way to build trust and authority in your industry.

Instagram Live

To compete with Clubhouse Instagram added a new feature to their live option giving you the possibility to host a “live” with 3 other guests, so a total of 4 participants. Instagram live is the perfect tool to tackle topics within your niche and answer the question of your community. By co-hosting this IG live with other members you will get 3 times more exposure as all the followers of your guests will receive a notification once your live starts. If you are looking at building your credibility and authority in your industry, this is the smartest way to do so.


We hope that this article will help you see all the opportunities social media platform can offer you to promote your business. If you still have any doubt or questions, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram: @hblcmarketing

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