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Drive more sales with Instagram!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

You created a social media account for your business but you don’t know what’s the next step to get quality followers that will help you drive more sales? This is the perfect article for you! Let us introduce you to our Instagram guide to reach quality followers.

What does quality followers mean?

Quality followers are the contrary of ghost followers, they will interact with your account by liking, commenting, saving, sharing, sending you dm’s and so on. Basically, they will help you increase your engagement rates that should allow you to get discover by other users on Instagram. Also, quality followers are engaging with your account because they have an interest in what you offer, those followers are the one that will help you drive more sales, and at the end, this is the metrics that count! On the contrary, a ghost follower is someone that follows you but never interact with the content you are producing, this is what you want to avoid.

Now, let’s keep on with the 6 keys to get quality followers:

Your bio is the way to go

Your bio is the first line that someone will read about your business, it has to be optimized and precise for anyone to understand who you are and what’s your account about. The average users will determine in 7 seconds if your account is relevant or not for them. So, within this short period of time, you have to make sure that people understand what they will find in your account and what value will you bring them if they decide to follow you. Basically, if you want our best advice, write your bio like if you were talking to a five years old child.

Stay in your niche

You want to have an editorial line, a real niche, a concept whom you will be the expert and the reference for the audience. Let me give you an example: If you are a restaurant you are going to post pictures of your dishes, of your place, your team but, you won’t suddenly post a picture of your dog or anything that isn’t related to your business because your restaurant is the reason why people are following you. Feel free to show the backstage in the story as long as it stays in the storytelling of your place. You can find multiple ways to talk about your business but stay focus on your niche and know who you are talking to.

Interaction is a powerful action

I would like to start by saying you get what you give. If you give nothing and if you don’t show up don’t expect people to come and find you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to go around and spam by commenting and liking any post, I’m asking you to think, who is your dream followers and smartly interact with those people. If you know your competitors’ accounts, feel free to interact with them by leaving meaningful comments that can be noticed by their community (which at the end are your prospect followers too) in order to attract them to your account.

Content is king

Creating content related to your niche is important and what’s even more important, is for that content to be high-quality and engaging. Your business deserves to look good. Impress your followers with eye-catching content that will get their attention. Don’t satisfy yourself with mediocre and go get the perfect result. If you want people to engage, you must post content that will make them feel something.

Know your audience

You must ask yourself: who is my dream followers? When I post content who am I trying to reach? Is that an entrepreneur, a travel lover, a mother, a young couple... Once you’ve analysed and spotted your target market, content creation will be a lot easier. This will also help you to write meaningful captions as you know who you are writing them for.

Consistency is key

In order to see change and results, you must be consistent. Nothing happened in one day, we don’t get an empire we build it! This is exactly what you must do on social media, be patient, consistent, show up and you will get what you gave. You can’t be there and suddenly disappear for weeks, you must build a trustworthy relationship with your audience for them to engage and buy your products or services.

Try to follow those steps, post stunning content related to your niche with consistency and daily interact with similar accounts and your prospect clients. I can assure you that you will notice the results. If you don’t have time to manage your social media or you don’t know where to start, feel free to book an appointment with our digital team to talk about all the opportunities for your business. Hiring a social media manager might be the solution for you to attract more customers, this might be an investment but the return on investment will be noticeable, thanks to the exposure you will gain.

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