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2021 - Social Media Business Trends -

Many changes can be expected in 2021 in the fast-growing industry of the digital, even more with the challenging year we just faced, the online world became our main tool to stay connected and communicate.

More than ever, social media are rooted in our day to day life, a great opportunity for businesses to market their product and services through those channels of communication.

So, what trends are to be expected in 2021?

Videos will keep on dominating

Nothing surprising there, with the rise of TikTok monthly users and the inauguration of Instagram Reels we don’t take any risks by saying that video is the most engaging content. People love to consume video content and as a business owner, you should focus on creating this type of content to showcase your brand, products or services and maximise your chances to grow and thrive on social media platforms. Video content gives a new opportunity to tell your story, increase your awareness and visibility in the online world.

Focus on delivering valuable content

After this tumultuous year, social media users have found great comfort when consuming content that brings them value. Brands should well understand this as this is the way for them to grow faster and create stronger relationships through the platform. When posting content, make sure that it either entertains or educates your audience for great results.

Authenticity is key

With the rise of TikTok, we observed a craze for authentic content. It doesn’t matter how professional or well displayed your content is as long as it is authentic and send a message that will touch your audience. So no more excuses not to create content that will showcase your business. Review your storytelling and share an authentic message with your potential customers.

Social Media Communication

Many businesses have been using social media platforms to sell, and promote their offer without including any human touch on their message.

This year, the time has come to revisit your tone of voice on social media for a friendlier and more humane one. With lockdown and social distancing measures, people don’t want to talk to robots, remember that behind the screen there is a real person, so be social and use social media platform to communicate with your audience, not only to sell. This will be the most efficient way to turn followers into customers. You have to be your followers’ greatest fans and embody that no matter what social media channel you are active on. So, emote, respond, recognize, relate but mainly engage with your audience in a sincere way!

Short format content will continue to entertain

After Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook it’s the turn of Twitter and LinkedIn to introduce story on their platform. This proves once again that authentic short format content is engaging. People love to snack this spontaneous format so don’t miss out and show up daily in your story to create content that will help you strengthen your relationship with your audience and become trustworthy to them. Also, it is always well seen by the algorithm to use their latest features, one more reason to give it a go!

The overall trend for social media is to be active, the platforms have put together unique features to help businesses showcase their offer online, and using those is cost-free! Seize this incredible opportunity to grow your business online and drive more sales!

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